2013 – A Time Of Huge Change… Challenge or opportunity ?

My friends in the world of astrology tell me that there are reasons why our structures are collapsing and our worlds are not as we knew them. They say that understanding the planetary alignments can help us to comprehend the bigger meaning behind these changes. Changes which we have in fact all co-created and that this is a time of ripening and new beginnings.

The clients who come to me are fearful about money and security and what is going to happen to them in the future. They find it hard to listen to the news or read in the papers how we as a country owe millions, how the government is trying to reduce budgets and make cut-backs where ever it can. We all have less money to live on and there is a lot of insecurity about the future in terms of property tax, likely further cuts in benefits or wages and increasing pressure on our health services and education systems. In the past few years, banks have collapsed, there have been scandals in the churches, the banks, the governments and in all the institutions that many of us had placed our trust in.

Yet those following the planets say that they understand what is going on and that our world is changing… dare I say it… for the better!

They say its time to follow our dreams, and listen to our hearts.

“Do not ask what the world needs, ask instead what makes our heard sing… because the world needs those who’s heart sings”  Howard Thurman

What might following your heart entail?

In my own psychotherapy practice a lot of my work involves supporting people find more meaning in their lives and responding to the dramatically changed times in a healing and  wholesome way. Some are meditating or practising other ways to be mindful in their lives. Some are choosing to change jobs and retrain towards work that they see as more in tune with themselves and their hearts desire.

Many of us come with baggage and issues from our past that block us in moving through these difficult times and truly listening to our hearts desire. Psychotherapy can gently facilitate us to adjust to the new landscape we all find ourselves in and to tune in to what we really want for ourselves in this life.

This matches what my astrologer friend said recently:

“What will I need to change within myself to follow my hearts desire?”  Margaret Gray (www.astrologypsychological.com)

Do get in touch and book a session with me if you would like some support in dealing with stress in your life or you are having difficulty in coping with changes or challenges that have come your way. My approach is positive and supportive and is about enabling people to find their own way through by getting to know themselves better and what they really want for themselves to live a fuller, more heartfelt and creative life.

Monica Haughey

March 2013