Widening our Lens – towards a new model of psychotherapy

I am delighted to be speaking at the IAHIP Conference 2016 on Friday, 4th March.

A synopsis of my workshop is below and to read the full paper have a look here. All comments very welcome as I’d love to open up the debate. Thank you.

Traditionally humanistic psychotherapy has valued the importance of the therapeutic relationship and the healing that can occur through this. However, we now have an opportunity to widen our approach to psychotherapy and look at how our practice might change in response to and in tandem with, the wider societal changes. We might also have a part to play in shaping these new developments and co-creating our new society.

In this workshop I will:

  1. Outline what I see as a paradigm shift in society in that we have seen a collapse of old structures such as the church, banks and political systems. Corruption and automatic respect for the old order is less prevalent and people are now more aware of their own authority and less likely to automatically respect authority, as respect now has to be earned.
  1. Look at influences on our practices; some of these include:
    1. Short term “psychotherapy” /coaching
    2. Positive psychology and “New age” ideas such as the “law of attraction”
    3. Holistic health – everything is connected…physical/mental/emotional/spiritual
    4. Neuro science – work of Daniel Siegel
    5. Energy medicine – work of Bruce Lipton
    6. Eco -psychotherapy – Us and the environment- are we separate?
  2. Consider how this might impact on our work?

Clients will want to know clearly what we offer and how long it will take.

We might consider how our inputs might work in co-operation with other health practitioners and these practitioners may be from the “alternative health field”.

We might take our work out of the room into nature and this may be an important development for some clients.

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