Psychotherapy, supervision & training Ranelagh

Counselling/ Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy  and counselling provide an opportunity to develop greater awareness of ourselves and how we are in the world and in our relationships with others. It can allow us to look at patterns we have developed in our lives and looks at whether they are still helpful for us.

Psychotherapy tends to be long-term, more in  depth while counselling is more short term and problem focused. The client can decide in consultation with the therapist what might be of most help.

Monica’s approach is a humanistic one; her emphasis is on developing a supportive and accepting relationship with the client.  Her role is about listening, supporting and reflecting back, so allowing the client get to know themselves better and find ways to overcome issues difficulties they may be having.

She is particularly strong on helping her clients get clarity on issues and brings an enthusiasm and commitment to her practice as well as a natural warmth and empathy.

She deals with a range of issues such as

  •      Depression,
  •      Stress and anxiety,
  •      Relationship difficulties
  •      Issues with eating and self-worth
  •      Over coming grief and loss
  •      Dealing with family conflict
  •      Childhood issues
  •      Coping with change and moving through periods of transition and upheaval
  •      General feeling of unhappiness yet not knowing the cause.