New Centre in West Cork

Our Centre of Active Empowerment

My colleague and friend Gill Riordan who is now living in West Cork is involved in opening a new centre in Skibbereen. The centre will be a place where people can come together in different ways to support each other in their growth and development. As a psychotherapist I think its fascinating and inspiring to see that there are new models emerging which are supporting people. Gill is a psychotherapist and visionary in terms of adapting her work to meet new needs as we move through 2103. This is an extract from her blog describing the centre.

My vision is to have a centre of learning and healing where people can come together to seek what they are looking for, express the richness within them and learn new ways of thinking.  It does take consistent effort and practice to move out of old, limiting, stuck patterns of thinking and behaving and even to know that you are living out of old and limiting beliefs and what these are.

We have a culture that keeps creating sickness and dependency and victim consciousness.  We need more opportunities for people to learn to think about things and to connect with the wisdom within.

We need to think of these times in terms of the opportunity they are bringing to us rather than to feel powerless and just in a state of waiting for things to change.

Everyone has an important contribution to make in our world, we all have a part to play.  

Our centre will open shortly at 4, North Street, Skibbereen. Co. Cork.
Come and join us and find out more.
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