Establishing and Growing a Thriving Therapy Practice

Six-Day Practice Development Workshop Series

Venue: IAHIP Premises, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Dates: 2017: 11th March, 8th April, 27th May, 16th September, 21st October, 25th November

Max.: 15 Participants






As professional carers we have learnt the skills of helping our clients but often to the neglect of the skills of making a living, running a successful business and adapting our business to suit our requirements and expectations. Whether in the early stages of your career or already practicing, establishing a private practice and running a successful and thriving business requires a process of education and skill development to make it happen.

This knowledge and experience is generally not acquired in therapy school. What we want and need from our practice changes over time. As we grow and develop in our work, our approach changes, the kind of work we desire changes as may our financial needs.

This course provides therapists with the opportunity to address these issues in a supportive, creative and practical way so as to move their practices forward in the direction they choose. Participants will be given support to identify their strengths, hopes and desires and the practical ways to weave and embed these into their practices.

Who is it For? You may be recently or nearly qualified, and be thinking about starting your own practice. Or you may already have a practice and be taking stock of where you are and thinking of developing it in a different way.

The course aims to support practitioners at every stage of professional development. This six module course will provide an opportunity for you to consider your practice, how you would like to develop it and start to implement the steps you need to take.

Course Objective

At the end of the course participants will:

1) Have a clear idea of the practice they wish to create for themselves

2) Be aware of the steps they need to take to achieve this and have begun the process

3) Have identified and learnt the skills required to achieve their goals.

4) Become aware of their own obstacles to their growth and how to address them

Course Format

The course will be held over 6 Saturdays on the following dates in 2017

: 11th March, 8th April, 27th May, 16th September, 21st October and 25th November

Venue: IAHIP Premises, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Time: 10.00am to 4.30pm daily

Over 6 Modules the course will consider the Six Pillars of a Successful Therapy Practice from the book “This Business of Therapy: A Practical Guide to Starting, Establishing and Sustaining a Therapy Practice” by Jude Fay.

Module 1: Setting up /re-­‐evaluating & upgrading your practice and taking ownership A look at the basic steps in starting up or re-­‐evaluating your practice and the issues of commitment and purpose.

Module 2: Knowing your own vision of your practice Identifying your vision for your practice, who you are as a practitioner and beginning to formulate a business plan

Module 3: Growing your practice Marketing your services to ensure a steady flow of the clients you wish to attract and to create a thriving practice .

Module 4: Managing and Minding your practice Processes and structure to ensure the smooth running of the business, safeguarding the practice and managing risk.

Module 5: Valuing your practice Practical and psychological issues around money, self worth, satisfaction and reward and willingness to receive.

Module 6: Integration and Follow Through Supporting the integration of the previous modules, planning for the future and identifying individual action plans.

Each module will build on the work of the previous one, and will involve both theoretical presentation and discussion, and practical and experiential exercises to explore and support participant’s personal process. The tutors will set homework tasks to support ongoing learning and integration.

A book list is provided and each attendee will receive a copy of the course handbook: “This Business of Therapy: A Practical Guide to Starting, Developing and Sustaining a Therapy Practice.”

Cost of Six-­‐day Practice Development Series: € 625

Payment choices : 1) Early bird rate payable in full by Feb 15th €550. 2) Payment in full -­‐ €625 on booking 3) Payment can be made in 3 instalments of €225 euro each -­‐first on booking, second on 19th May, and final payment must be received by 16th September.

Instalments can be made by direct debit or post-­‐dated cheques. Booking: series for details or phone Monica at 086 6061015.


Jude Fay is the author of the recently published “This Business of Therapy” and is a practicing counsellor and psychotherapist in Co Kildare. Her background as a Chartered Accountant and trainer has led her to supporting therapists in developing and managing their practices. Her work embraces the practical, emotional and psychological aspects of self-­‐employed therapy practice. Jude is a firm believer in the philosophy that helping clients is not inconsistent with making a living!

Monica Haughey has a background in social work and subsequently trained as a psychotherapist and supervisor. She maintains her own private practice and in the past five years has provided training and consultancy for organizations working in the area of workplace wellness and enjoys transferring her experience as a psychotherapist and counsellor to the corporate world. Monica is the published author of two cookery books. Her approach is creative and positive and she supports people beyond their current horizons.