Trump and Brexit -what next? Lets move closer to what we do want ?


I hear a lot of talk of despair and fear about the outcome of these recent voting outcomes. Trump has been elected as the next US president and Britain is now preparing to leave the European union. Naturally, many of us  feel shocked and outraged and can easily feel despair about the direction of the world and how people are voting . The general view does seem to be that these results show people want change but the people or approach they are voting for, isn’t necessarily going to bring them what they want. Trump may wish to ditch the previous governments pledges and achievements around climate change, he may take a very hard line on immigration and has shown that he is racist, anti women and anyone from the LGBT community.

We wonder what will happen to illegal Irish people and whether  they will be sent home, and will he and Putin create more wars and kill more people ? There are various commentators writing extensively about what could happen under his regime. And of course,  we don’t really know  but while we may feel fear and shock what can we do?

I believe that whilst we can’t deny the shadows and presence of evil in the world we need to seek out and be part of all the good and wholesome things that are happening. The day we heard about Trump, I also got an e-mail about a Kindness workshop being held locally and another about a mindfulness training. I hadn’t heard about a kindness workshop before, but noted it was a timely e-mail. I also note that  lots of people are posting beautiful pictures from nature that they are coming across every day. I have seen many wonderful images of the recent  new moon and super moon on social media. These facets of life are also true. I also get very frequent mailings from Avaaz and more recently and various organisations seeking  signatures around various different campaigns which are all about human rights, animal rights, saving the bees  and generally inviting people to sign up for positive change.

We can all contribute to a better more equal society where people and the environment are given priority. Whilst we may not want to go into politics, the first step  may be how we treat ourselves and each other. We would be kinder to the environment if were kinder to ourselves. If we could practice treating each other well things would be better. This may seem a simplistic solution and I am not offering a solution, I am just looking to see how we can contribute in a positive way.

Getting  worried or negative does  I believe attract more of the same and we need to imagine and keep imagining  what we want to create and seek out the positives and good news stories. As we know, the media don’t find good news stories newsworthy and would instead prefer to play you our fears and worries.

There are good news stories such as the recent Austrian election and also the success of the Dakota pipeline campaign, where many people and especially the local indigeneous people came together to protest in a non violent way against this pipeline..and they won this stage anyhow.

I was in Dublin city centre last week getting money out of bank link and I noticed there was a young Romanian woman begging beside me. I carried on doing what I was doing, but noticed there was another woman with her hand on her shoulder. At first glance I thought maybe she was helping her and maybe worked with one of the charities helping homeless people. However, it turned out she was pushing her and demanding she move. The Romanian lady began to cry out and I spoke to the Irish woman and asked what she was doing. She looked aggressively back and before I knew it a man had sidled beside me to support me. He then said you are assaulting that woman and as she went to respond I had 5 or 6 young men move over from the pub across the road, again to offer support to us and the young woman. The men had been standing smoking outside and heard the exchange. Finally the Irish lady moved on whilst grumbling that we were only “Bleeding heart Liberals !

I took this as a compliment but also felt very heartened about this expression of solidarity for this young homeless woman . Are we all becoming more ready to stand up for what we really believe in-now that we know what we don’t want!